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Uni CPO Key Features

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‘Uni CPO – WooCommerce Options and Price Calculation Formulas’ is a fully featured plugin that gives a possibility to add any custom options to your WooCommerce products as well as enables custom price calculation based on any maths formula. The current version includes these types of options: text input, file input, radio inputs, checkboxes, dropdown, date/time picker, range slider, palette select and textarea as well as special types such as heading, divider, note.

For each option you can define title and a set of specific settings like: - min, max, step values for input type number/decimal or range slider; - max file size and allowed mime types for file input - sub options for checkboxes, radio, dropdown, palette select etc. Also, this plugins gives an ability to create field conditional rules and display/hide certain options based on the value filled in/chosen in other option(s).

The unique feature of the plugin is that it creates a possibility to use any maths formula in order to calculate the price of the product based on user’s input / options chosen!

Moreover, there is a conditional logic for formula – it is possible to create several formulas which will be applied under certain circumstances – user chosen options. And even better – you can create non option based variable(s) and use it in formula conditional rules. A quick example: you want to set sort of base price (e.g. apply a different maths formula) based on a calculated area that is calculated based on user’s defined width and height. Easy! :) You will be able to apply different formulas based on the value of calculated area!

The plugin works with products type ‘simple’ (including virtual products).

Important announcement

I will install the plugin and fully configure one product on their choice for those customers who bought an extended license of the plugin!


  • Options builder – nice UI that provides a smooth user experience
  • 18 types of options/fields included (more will be added soon!)
  • An ability to create as many as you want non option based variables and use them in a formula(s)
  • A possibility to use almost any maths formula for price calculation!
  • Conditional logic for formula
  • Conditional logic for options/fields
  • Cart discounts (currently only qty based, more will be added soon)
  • An information about chosen/defined options is added to cart item / order item meta and visible in a customer’s account, on order edit screen, in emails
  • Change product image for option type dropdown
  • An ability to disable product ordering under certain circumstances

Real usage examples

  1. pmprint.com.pl
  2. showergrateshop.com
  3. mb-zwo.de
  4. menuiseriesdirect.com

Feedbacks from my beloved customers

Feedbacks for Uni CPO


Version 3.1.8
- Fixed: a bug related to appearance of images layers within colored image layers functionality

Version 3.1.7
- Fixed: a bug related to change product image functionality
- Fixed: a bug related to displaying 'undefined' instead of the price in some cases

Version 3.1.6
- Fixed: a bug related to price rounding

Version 3.1.5
- Fixed: a bug related to price calculation during creation an order manually

Version 3.1.4
- Fixed: quickfix for the wrong name of one of the functions

Version 3.1.3
- Added: more settings for range slider
- Added: import/export for suboptions of the options which have them
- Fixed: a bug related to '_count' special var and Checkboxes option
- Fixed: bugs related to Text Select option
- Fixed: some bugs in admin area

Version 3.1.2
- Improved: Dynamic Notice option
- Improved: Text Select option
- Fixed: some small bugs

Version 3.1.1
- Fixed: a bug related to 'sold individually' product attribute and WC qty input
- Added: 'Download file(s)' option

Version 3.1.0
- Added: Google Map option
- Added: Color picker option
- Added: a possibility to add/edit order items with custom options in the back end; a possibility to create an order manually
- Added: colorify layered image functionality
- Added: a wholesale like functionality for non option variables
- Added: a support of Aelia Currency Switcher
- Improved: new special variables added; refactored and improved code of the plugin; 
- Improved: added new hooks - actions and filters - across the plugin
- Fixed: some bugs

Version 3.0.1
- Fixed: an issue with Range Slider option
- Fixed: a bug that happen after migrating from old version 2.x to 3.0

Version 3.0.0
- Added: Weight Conditional Logic
- Added: Dynamic Notice option
- Added: Field Validation Conditional Logic (currently only for Text Input option for min/max settings)
- Improved: Field Conditional Logic - works for all the option types based on the value of any other options
- Fixed: 'order again' functionality
- Fixed: changing of the main product image upon selection in Select and Image Select options
- Fixed: some other minor issues related to WC 3.0

Version 2.2.3
- Fixed: some minor bugs
- Added: support of WC 3.0
- Included: an updated version for WC 2.6.x (in case you still want to use this version of WC)

Version 2.2.2
- Fixed: a bug related to using [product_page] shortcode with the plugin
- Fixed: another bug related to 'zero price' for variable products in the cart

Version 2.2.1
- Fixed: a bug when the price of variable products was set to zero in the cart
- Improved: some minor issues in the code

Version 2.2.0
- Updated: datetime picker js plugin
- Added: new settings for datetime picker (days of start of the week, weekend days, disabled dates)
- Improved: min date setting for datetime picker (warning!! 'tomorrow' special word is obsolete now; read the docs!)
- Added: a unique feature - a possibility to use a maths formula as value of cart discounts rules!
- Fixed: issues with sorting and saving cart discount rules and non option vars items
- Fixed: 'Total for ...' text will be hidden for products which are sold individually

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4 November 14

Compatible With

WooCommerce 3.1.x, WooCommerce 3.0.x

Files Included

JavaScript JS, CSS, PHP

Software Version

WordPress 4.8.x, WordPress 4.7.x, WordPress 4.6.1, WordPress 4.6